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The world is facing unprecedented challenges in dealing with critical issues related to sustainability. Multiple stakeholders with various interests and agendas further challenge the ability to effect change at a substantial scale. The world is dynamic and interconnected and we need to understand how initiatives, policies and business decisions integrate and impact the world we live in. It is about time to break linear and reductionist thinking so we can solve multi-dimensional issues.

Picking up from last year's Sustainable Enterprise Summit, the goal of Sustainability Summit 2017 is to be able to view sustainability issues from different sectors as part of a system, understand how they interrelate and affect each other over time, and identify solutions and opportunities that can be implemented collaboratively.

The Sustainability Summit 2017 will highlight the importance of synergistic efforts in creating sustainable solutions.

Session Topics

  • Session 1:
    Business Opportunities in Sustainable Design

    It’s time to look at design beyond making things look and work great. It’s time to see design as a way to solve problems. By defining problems, focusing on end users’ preferences and needs, we can turn these issues into viable business opportunities. In this session, top designers from various industries share their experiences on how they found sustainable business opportunities through their works.
  • Session 2:
    Sustainable Infrastructure and Design

    Design has the potential to change physical and social landscapes for the better. Innovations in sustainable infrastructure are making spaces cleaner, greener, more liveable, and more disaster-resilient. This session will provide insights from architects, city government, and the property sector on their use of design thinking to tackle today’s human and environmental problems.
  • Session 3:
    Sustainable Production and Consumption: Food Systems

    How can we make food production ethical, inclusive, and more sustainable? With increasing populations and dwindling resources, we are challenged to rethink the ways in which we produce and consume our meals. Join our panelists as they share their efforts to revolutionize food systems for the 21st century and beyond.
  • Session 4:
    Funding Opportunities for Sustainable Enterprises

    This session will feature financial service providers who integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concepts into their business and investment decisions. Panelists will discus how the industry can grow and better respond to sustainability issues in the Philippines.
  • Session 5:
    Sustainable Innovations and Technology: Shared Economies

    This session gives emphasis on the importance of technology and innovations in the Sharing Economy to understand and address priority issues globally - anchored locally on the importance of building a collaborative start-up community and toolkits that can be used to find solutions that overcome existing hierarchies and silos.
  • Session 6:
    Sustainable Hospitality & Tourism

    Over time, there has been constant growth in the tourism industry. With this growth, can we say that tourism has also become more socially and environmentally responsible? In this session, panelists will discuss actual sustainability principles that are being implemented to enhance economic impacts, shape consumer behavior, benefit host communities, and reduce negative impacts on the environment.


This summit will touch on the following topics:
  • 8:00am


    8:00am - 8:45am

    Conference Opening

    8:45am - 8:50am

    Philippine National Anthem

    8:50am - 8:55am

    Opening Remarks – Enderun

    9:00am - 9:05am

    Introduction to the Summit – Cherrie Atilano

    9:10am - 9:15am

  • 9:20am

    Session 1 – Business Opportunities in Sustainable Design

    9:20am - 9:30am

    Panel Discussion

    9:35am - 10:20am

  • 10:25am

    Session 2 – Sustainable Infrastructure and Design

    10:25am - 10:35am

    Panel Discussion

    10:40am - 11:25am

  • 11:30am

    Session 3 – Sustainable Production and Consumption : Food Systems

    11:30am - 11:40am

    Panel Discussion

    11:45am - 12:30pm

  • 12:30pm


    12:30pm - 1:15pm

  • 1:20pm

    Session 4 – Funding Opportunities for Sustainable Enterprises

    1:20pm - 1:30pm

    Panel Discussion

    1:35pm - 2:15pm

  • 2:20pm

    Session 5 – Sustainable Technology & Innovation: Sharing Economies

    2:20pm - 2:30pm

    Panel Discussions

    2:35pm - 3:15pm

  • 3:15pm


    3:15pm - 3:30pm

  • 3:35pm

    Session 6 – Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism

    3:35pm - 3:45pm

    Panel Discussion

    3:50pm - 4:30pm

  • 4:35pm

    Closing Remarks

    4:35pm - 4:40pm


  • LizAn Kuster

    LizAn Kuster


    Impact Hub Manila

    LizAn Kuster is the Co-Founder of Impact Hub Manila, a former banker, entrepreneur, was Miss Earth Switzerland and is a TV/Events host in Switzerland. LizAn’s mission is to scale impact enterprises into investment-ready companies that can create broad and deep impact. Her core skills are innovation consulting, facilitation of large audiences, business development and technology. She is inspired by entrepreneurship and sustainability, holds a degree in International Business Management from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland, speaks five languages and is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. She does muai thai and loves Audiobooks.

  • Niña Terol

    Niña Terol

    Co-Founder and Chief Fireball

    Kick Fire Kitchen

    Niña Terol is a “communicator, connector, and changemaker” whose 18-year career has spanned the corporate, non-profit, creative enterprise, government, media, and academic sectors. A woman of many hats, she is Co-Founder and Chief Fireball of her own venture, Kick Fire Kitchen, a team of motivators and idea catalysts who are passionate about inspiring creativity, innovation, and purpose-driven professional growth among individuals and organizations. She also heads corporate affairs for McCann Worldgroup Philippines, the largest and leading multinational integrated marketing communications agency in the country. Ms. Terol is also an author, educator, public speaker, and a mentor for startups and entrepreneurs.

  • Maria Francesa F. Tan

    Maria Francesa F. Tan

    Chief Executive Officer


    Mica F. Tan is the CEO MFT Group of Companies, a diversified financial holdings company adhering to the principles of restructuring corporate blueprints and helping businesses grow to establish sustainable financial footing. Currently, the company has 20 subsidiaries from diverse industries including petroleum, pharmaceutical, technology, manufacturing, retail, food, and finance and investment with presence in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, United States and Europe.

  • Carlo Calimon

    Carlo Calimon

    Co-Founder of StartUp Village and MobKard

    AngelPreneur from Go Negosyo

    After completing his Bachelor in Arts degree in Economics at the Ateneo de Manila University in 2000, Carlo Calimon entered the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in 2003 for his MBA degree where he majored in Marketing and graduated on the Dean’s List. Soon thereafter, he joined the Let’s Go Foundation (Leading Entrepreneurs Towards Seizing Global Opportunities), a non-profit, non-stock organization advocating entrepreneurship. Currently he is a Director of the foundation.

  • Peggy Chan

    Peggy Chan

    Executive Chef and Managing Director

    Grassroots Pantry

    Peggy Chan is the Founder, Executive Chef and Managing Director of Grassroots Pantry, a restaurant and platform space through which she is able to share her passion for organic, plant-based food with the community. An ardent supporter of local sustainable agriculture and food-related NGOs, Peggy dedicates a lot of time to educating the public about the issues that face our food systems today."

  • Hindy Weber

    Hindy Weber


    Holy Carabao

    Hindy is a devoted wife, mom to four children, a fashion designer and for the past ten years, a biodynamic farmer. She took up Communication Arts at Ateneo de Manila before pursuing fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY. After working as a fashion designer in the retail industry for 15 years, and living at the very center of the city, she decided to move her entire family and worklife to the countryside to achieve a greater connectedness to nature. After immersing herself in various farming, nutrition, healing, education, and movement workshops, she started growing food in her backyard. Harvests became more plentiful, and she began sharing the extra produce with friends and family, and soon after, decided to sell via door-to-door home delivery. Hindy founded Holy Carabao in 2007 with the intention of providing healthier food to Filipino families. It has since grown to a network of small family farms, a farm school, a farm store, and farm kitchen. Together with her partner, Melanie Go, Holy Carabao aims to educate more Filipinos about regenerative agriculture, earth stewardship, conscious community building, and healthier food choices.

  • Quintin Pastrana

    Quintin Pastrana


    WEnergy Power Pilipinas

    Quintin graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and pursued Master's in Literature at Oxford University, International Relations at Cambridge University and Global Business at Georgetown University.

    Quintin worked on policy and structural reform in the Senate, House of Representatives and the National Security Council for 3 years before moving into the private sector, working on development and sustainability for companies in the energy and mining sector. He is also a published author and is currently and anchor and producer for Bloomberg TV Philippines.

  • Cristina Lopez McLauchlan

    Cristina Lopez McLauchlan


    The Vibe Tribe & Conscious Cinema

    Cristina McLauchlan, storyteller, brand marketer, 20+ years of event production and a passionate conduit of conscious individuals and ethical sustainable brands.

    Cristina, founded The Vibe Tribe in 2016, as an agent of change this platform supports conscious and ethical brands with marketing strategies as well as creating event experiences and journeys where conscious leaders can showcase their work.

    These events, experiences and journeys supports the individual, the community with the inspiration to #brandyourvibe and the awareness and to #raiseyourvibe.

  • Raf Dionisio

    Raf Dionisio


    Make A Difference Travel

    Raf Dionisio is a Social Entrepreneur in sustainable tourism. He is the co-founder of Make A Difference Travel that does community based tours across the country and The Circle Hostel, an eco-art-surf hostel in Zambales, La Union and Aurora provinces that provides backpacker lodging. Both are working with Indigenous People (Aetas) of Zambales to reforest their 3,000 hectare ancestral domain and create agri-business for the tribes. Raf is also a member of The Plastic Solution, a movement that turns single-use plastic into ecobricks that are used for construction. By making things fun, more people are engaged to save the planet

  • Miguel Cuneta

    Miguel Cuneta

    Co-Founder / Chief Community Officer

    Satoshi Citadel Inc. (SCI)

    Miguel is one of the co-founder and the Chief Community Officer of SCI (Satoshi Citadel Industries). Founded in 2014, SCI has been at the forefront of the Blockchain industry in the Philippines with an ecosystem of services ranging from payments, remittance, mobile money, and more, all powered by the technology behind Bitcoin. SCI is pioneering a lot of cutting edge fintech apps not just in the Philippines but globally, and was recently venture-backed by Korean tech giant Kakao Talk.

  • Ivy Almario

    Ivy Almario


    Atelier Almario

    Maria Victoria “Ivy” S. Almario, Most Outstanding Professional Interior Designer 2017. she is the Principal of the Atelier Almario, known as the number 1 Interior Designer of the country. She worked in the US for 15 years and became one of the top renderer but despite the success, she chose to go back to the Philippines and help in the development of resorts, hotels, residentials and more than that a designer with a cause. She has been very instrumental in developing world class products from the grassroots through GKonomics. She dreamt of bringing the best for the least so that the least become the best. She will soon build a Design School in Marinduque to showcase local talents, culture and creativity together with her group of designer friends. She will be key in the development of eco-friendly and picturesque resorts and accommodation places for the tourism component of AGREA.

  • Mark Richard Evidente

    Mark Richard Evidente


    TwoEco, Inc.

  • Cherrie Atilano

    Cherrie Atilano

    Founding Farmer/CEO & President

    AGREA Agricultural Systems International, Inc.

    Cherrie De Erit Atilano is a globally awarded agriculturist, young scientist and social entrepreneur known to make farming sexy, and started working in the farming sector at the age of 12. She is the Founding Farmer/CEO & President of AGREA Agricultural Systems International, Inc. An agri-social enterprise that is based in the island of Marinduque, Philippines. AGREA ( aims to develop the first replicable “One-island Economy" model founded on Zero Hunger, Zero Waste and Zero Insufficiency through working on the islands number 1 agricultural import and export. AGREA as a company and her as the social entrepreneur was also awarded by the Asia Pacific CSR Council and UN Global Compact the Global Responsible Business Award 2017 for Agriculture Excellence. She was also recognised as Asia's Next Generation Emerging Leaders (ANGELS) 2016 and was awarded as one of the Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneur 2017. She is a radical optimist, a dreamer and a true believer that Filipino farmers are world-class. She has been traveling the world as an advocate and inspirational speaker especially on her advocacy for global food security.

  • Engr. Edmond P. Maceda

    Engr. Edmond P. Maceda

    Director of Sustainability, Enderun Colleges

    Sustainability Consultant, Megaworld Corporation

    Engr. Edmond P. Maceda has been a Sustainability Consultant to Megaworld Corporation for the last 6 years, focusing on wastewater treatment for townships and sustainability training for employees. He is concurrently the Director of Sustainability for Enderun Colleges. He holds a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University and a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of the Philippines.

  • Matt Morisson

    Matt Morisson

    Chief Executive Officer

    A SPACE Philippines

    The first-mover and definitive brand in Philippines for collaboration, co-working and workstyle hubs; a completely re-imagined serviced office environment, a dynamic and supported community of innovators.

  • Julia Nebrija

    Julia Nebrija

    Urban Planner

    Executive DIrector, Viva Manila

    Julia is a Filipino-American urban planner. She first moved to the Philippines in 2008 as a Fulbright Scholar and returned in 2012 after finishing her Masters Degree in Urban Design from the City College of New York. She is the Executive Director of Viva Manila, an arts and culture non-profit working to revive neighborhoods of Manila and the Chair of the Inclusive Mobility Network, a non-profit advocating for sustainable transportation. As a consultant she collaborates with communities, civil society organizations, and government agencies to create a more liveable Metro Manila.

  • Catherine Turvill

    Catherine Turvill

    Founder and Co-owner

    Nurture Wellness Village / Nurture Farmacy

    Cathy is a pioneer and leader in the Philippine Spa, Wellness and Farm Tourism industries. She is the Founder and Co-owner of two Department of Tourism accredited destinations: Nurture Wellness Village, a wellness resort and Nurture Farmacy, an organic farm. A UK Licensed Therapist, she is also certified in the United States as a Health and Wellness Coach, Living Foods Educator, Chef Coach and Worksite Wellness Specialist. Cathy also heads Spa and Wellness Professionals, a spa and wellness management training and consultancy company. Cathy was the Founding President of the award winning Spa Association of the Philippines. She serves in the government as a Board member of the Philippine Tourism Infrastructure Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) and advocates for women’s rights as part of the Technical Working Group of the APEC Healthy Women Healthy Economies project.

    Cathy has been involved with human resource development, training and marketing for the past 35 years. She worked with Philippine Airlines as Head of the airline’s VIP Programs and Supervisor of its Management, Supervisory and Organization Development Divisions. After PAL, she founded International Customer Management Systems (ICMS), a consultancy firm working with local and international companies on customer service, management and supervisory training and organization development projects.

    Cathy has been awarded as a STAR-PRENEUR by Go Negosyo, the government’s entrepreneurship program and by the ASEAN Women’s Entrepreneurs Network as an Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur. She is a frequent speaker in local and international conferences on spa, wellness and farm tourism. She is also the author of the internationally released book “Turn Back Time, Natural Anti-Aging CHOICES.

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The event brings together a diverse and interesting mix of some of the leading and most sought after practitioners and personalities in the Sustainability space.



This year's summit will be an intimate and interactive forum focusing on key issues on Sustainability relating to Systems, Synergies, and Solutions . Venue is limited to 200 attendees only. Register Now!

6 Sessions


Sustainability Summit 2017 will feature 6 forum sessions discussing the most ​current and ​relevant topics on Sustainability

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The beneficiary of Sustainability Summit 2017 is The Garden Classroom (TGC) program, whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for elementary students by turning barren and forgotten school gardens in the 183 elementary schools of Marinduque into blooming centers for outdoor learning. Schoolyard gardens provide students with living classrooms. AGREA, together with the Department of Education (DepEd) Marinduque, believe that all children can achieve their best potential when provided with nurturing educational experiences that enhance their understanding of the world, their future in it and the confidence to secure their dreams.

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